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These are some of my ramblings, mainly about web design. Maybe the odd one about my hobbies. I barely write these days so maybe you want to check my twitter @nordic instead.

Your velocity is irrelevant

I did that mistake long ago, caring about story pointing and velocity. It was a new concept to learn and embrace, a new weapon to my increasing toolset. But after years you realise that who cares? Why should a team spend time getting more accurate [...]

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Transitioning to frontend development from design

After many years working as a UX designer, I decided to transition back into frontend development. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but as many others have done before, I just got a job as a full time frontend. No mix designer mix pm mix something [...]

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You say tomato, I say tomeito. Or is it avocado?

You’re in a meeting and the boss says we’re going to redesign the website. Everybody nods as it’s so badly needed. High level plans are discussed and it's clear who’s going to do what and when.  You’ve been in those meetings. Everybody is really [...]

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Back online

This site has been off for a week as I was changing its pants. Gone is Wordpress, tired of endless updates and constant worries about security (plus multiple times I had to deal with attacks).  Now I use Craft to serve the blog, a CMS I’ve used in [...]

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Prototyping with CSS grid

Last week I finally took a deeper look at CSS grid, the new way of creating layouts supported by all major browsers since early 2017. Until now I had just used it for very simple grids, the image gallery kind of ones. An hour of reading later, I was [...]

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How to deal with good UX

We’ve all been there, presenting some work only to find somebody defending an alternative as it’s good UX, or best practice. Equally disheartening and difficult to deal with if you don’t know what it means. It normally happens when somebody [...]

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3 rules of crisis management

High on my list of designers’ sins, probably next to “good design sells itself”, is the lack of ability to reflect on your own acts and accept when you have fucked it up. As professionals (you get paid for your work right? Then you’re a [...]

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Git for designers

In recent years I've seen many designers prototype in code, but very few of them used any kind of version control. This is dangerous as the wrong change to your page structure or CSS may break something that was working, and make you lose a lot of [...]

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Design agencies and continuous deployment

In this short podcast, UX Advantage Podcast with Karen McGrane: Shifting To Continuous Deployment, Karen talks about the challenges of User Experience in the era of continuous learn-design-iterate cycles. It’s an interesting topic, but what [...]

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